Dr David Flusk

Dr. David Flusk is a Pain physician and anesthesiologist practicing in Newfoundland and Labrador. He has been providing clinical care to patients with chronic non cancer pain for 10 years. He completed his medical degree at Trinity College Dublin and post graduate studies at Memorial University and the University of Alberta.
Beyond the clinic, Dr. Flusk is actively involved in pain research. He currently holds two CIHR grants with his group and has published in the Journal of Pain, the British Medical Journal, and Health Psychology.
Dr. Flusk is an associate professor in the faculty of medicine at Memorial University and is actively involved in medical education at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels. He is currently the lead reviewer on the Associations of Faculties of Medicine curriculum development team in response to the opioid crisis. This is a project funded by Health Canada and will see a chronic pain curriculum made accessible to all medical undergraduates nationwide. He is also the Director of the Atlantic Mentorship Network for Pain and Addictions. Dr. Flusk has been actively involved in cannabis-based medicine for 8 years and holds a particular interest in its role treating chronic neuropathic pain.